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We Cover your costs to Come &See!

Akol Group offers you an excellent opportunity in the land where you spent part of your life, which you have been longing for. It provides many services for you to make the right investment by undertaking your expenses to come to Cyprus.

Flight Expenses to Cyprus on us!

Wherever you are in the world, if you’re thinking of living or investing in Cyprus, we invite you to make your dream investment by covering your flight expenses.

We greet you at the airport.

Whether you are flying in from Ercan Airport in the north or Larnaca airport in the south, we will greet you and ensure you make the right investment choices.

We cover your accommodation for 3 days.

We cannot expect you to come to Cyprus and not stay here. Considering the time you will need to catch up with Cyprus and make the right investment decision, your stay in Cyprus for 3 days is on us.

Real Estate Consultancy for Free.

If you have a certain investment idea before coming here, we offer you the most suitable projects as an option. Not only that, but we also provide information on what investment opportunities can be ideal for your budget and expectations. We organize investment tours that are very useful to see the current state of both Cyprus and its cities.

Custom Turnkey Projects

Although there are many real estate options in North Cyprus, there are more custom-project opportunities for yourself or for investment purposes. We also offer the option of building a modern and safe structure on your own land or land you plan on buying, with the option to guarantee its completion within 6 months at your request!

Satisfaction guarantee with our after-sales support!

Our services are not only here to help until the sale takes place. We offer the guarantee of the property you have bought after the turnkey delivery. As with the properties delivered in 10 projects completed so far, your satisfaction is always our priority, even with our after-sales services.

Free attorney services!

If you need a lawyer during the investment process, we will cover the expenses. This way, you don’t need to think about extra expenses.

We guarantee to contractually rent your house.

If you want to earn income from your purchased property, we provide you with a 3-year rental option. While providing you with an important income, we cover the maintenance and maintenance costs of the house as well.

Whether you want to rent your home, furnished or unfurnished, we deliver your home back to you at the end of the contract, without damage. In this process, besides not damaging your home, you are also free from the hassle of looking for tenants or experiencing potential payment problems with the tenant!